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What Happens Around Your Foundation During Rain Events?

Most homeowners have no idea what happens around the exterior of their home during rain events. Next time it is raining, safely take a stroll around your home with a umbrella, (no lightning), and look at what happens. Are the gutters overflowing? Is water pooling close to your foundation? Is the water getting at least 6′ away […]


Leaky Wall Crack Repair Options

In this article, we’ll address leaks in foundation walls. We will not be addressing structural repairs in this blog. But, if you just want to learn about keeping those wall cracks from leaking into your basement, then read on! There are 3 common options that you can consider if you have a crack in your […]


Code Requirements For Basement Egress Windows

The purpose of this blog is to educate you on the building code requirements for egress windows in finished basements. Kansas City and most of the local surrounding municipalities use the IRC (International Residential Code) as a guideline for building safety & quality. They have specific guidelines that the Kansas City metropolitan area follows. In […]