Drain & Downspout Extensions

Drain & Downspout Extensions

Downspout Extension

When looking at a home, you’ll see downspouts running down from the gutters to lead storm water runoff from the roof to the ground. Typically, homeowners will have downspouts on the major corners of their home. Some will simply kick the water out, however it is highly recommended to bury downspouts to direct storm water far from a home’s foundation.

In some instances, the downspout may drop off too close to a home’s foundation which may later be a main contributor to a number of problems. To help manage the amount of water settling around your home’s foundation, downspout extensions can be added to quickly direct water away after a heavy rain event. Doing so will help mitigate water infiltration into your home’s basement and potential structural issues.

Consider adding downspout extensions to help manage the water surrounding your home.

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