Wet Yard Repair

Wet Yard Repair

Have you noticed that your yard stays wet or even soggy after a solid rain?
Is it just a small pocket of standing water in your yard?
Are you concerned about settling water near your home’s foundation?

The Gordon Energy & Drainage team has a variety of methods to address your lawn’s draining troubles.

French Drains

Downspout Extensions

Sump Pump Discharge Extensions


Wet Yard

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We’ve installed over 10,000 yard drain systems in the Kansas City area!

While each repair is unique to the yard’s characteristics, they all have one thing in common when repaired by The Gordon Energy & Drainage team – QUALITY!

          • HIGH QUALITY piping, discharge boxes & catch basins.
          • Sturdy DUAL WALL PIPE (not the typical single wall).
          • Clean-outs included so you can easily access system later.
          • All Sump Pump Discharges come with an ICE GUARD.