Wall Tiebacks & Braces

Wall Tiebacks & Braces

In some instances, Kansas City homeowners may experience a foundation wall leaning or bowing in. This is most prevalent during wet seasons when the clay soil has absorbed more water causing it to expand and add pressure against the foundation. With professional Kansas City foundation wall repair, the overall value and safety of the property increases.

Two of the most common repair methods for bowing walls and tilting walls are installing wall bracing and wall tiebacks.

Wall recovery systems are customized to meet the needs of the property and aim to address both the cause and damage of the wall movement.

Foundation Repair - Plate Wall Anchor

Interior Signs 

Beam pocket broken out

Water pipes or electric breaker box pushed away

Ceiling joist crushed

Drop ceiling cross members compressed

Diagonal or horizontal cracks

Exterior Signs

Support beam pushed through foundation wall

Vertical crack on foundation at corners

Horizontal crack in mortar line

Siding bowing or curled under at the bottom

Center of foundation moved in further than corners

Foundation Repair - Wall Strengthening

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