Steel Piers

Foundation Piering – Steel Piers

Piering is a common foundation repair method throughout the Kansas City Area for homes experiencing signs of shifting and settling.  Some movement in foundations can be repaired with simpler solutions such as a crack repair injections. In more serious cases where there is a structural issue, foundation piering is a solution Kansas City homeowners may consider.

About Our Piering System

Gordon Energy & Drainage piers with an engineered steel push pier fabricated by Earth Contact Products (ECP) – a leading national manufacturer of piering solution methods, coincidentally located here in Kansas City.

Steel Foundation Piers

Steel Foundation Piering Overview

When it is determined that a foundation’s shifting is due to a factor such as eroding soil, piering can be used to stabilize the foundation by supporting the foundation’s weight on solid bedrock or other stable soil. Using hydraulics, the steel pilings are driven into the soil down until it rests on solid bedrock.

Where before a homeowner may have seen such symptoms as sticking doors & windows, cracks in drywall or foundation wall cracks – the majority of home owners will see immediate results* from Kansas City steel foundation pier installation.

Gordon’s steel pier installation in Kansas City and surrounding communities is backed by a transferable lifetime warranty. Be sure to ask about more details as these may vary by solution plan type.

*Varies by project conditions, soil characteristics and other factors unique to the affected property.

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