Hydrostatic Reduction

Hydrostatic Pressure Reduction

The soil surrounding your home can put a lot of pressure on your home’s foundation walls!

Hydrostatic pressure is a fancy term used to describe where the water in a home’s leaky basement is coming from.
By definition, it is hydro (water) static (standing) pressure – the force of water standing behind sometime.

This pressure can push water right through the cracks of your home’s foundation. The amount of pressure will vary depending on three factors:

      • The type of soil around the home
      • How much moisture is in the soil
      • How deep underground the foundation is built

Installing a Hydrostatic Reduction System in your Kansas City basement will collect and direct water away from a home’s foundation and can accomplish alleviating the pressure against a home’s foundation.

Although each solution is customized to a home’s uniqueness, generally hydrostatic reduction systems include:

Hydrostatic Pressure Illustration

Hydrostatic Pressure

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