Foundation Repair

Does My Home Have a Foundation Problem?

Surprisingly, a shifting foundation is a rather common problem for homeowners.

There is very compact, clay soil in much of the surrounding Kansas City area. To generalize what is happening – naturally, the clay soil which foundations sit on expand and contract as weather conditions make the ground wet or dry.

Gordon Energy’s Kansas City foundation repair and installation contractors take these natural occurrences into account during the construction process, however some of the more extreme swings of drought and flood that the Kansas City area experiences takes its toll.

It is oftentimes during these extreme swings of weather conditions when homeowners see the most obvious signs of foundation shifts. It can be fixed. The important thing is for homeowners to know the most prominent signs and issues and understand their Kansas City foundation repair options.

Gordon Energy has helped homeowners in the Kansas City area with foundation repair for more than 40 years. Our contractors are honest, experienced, and friendly, dedicated to restoring a home to safety. By taking action now, future damage is avoided and your home is prepared for any season.

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Why does my basement keep leaking? Should I be concerned about that crack? See if your home symptoms are indications of foundation movement and learn what your repair options are.

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