Egress Window Packages

Egress Parts Ordering and Installation Services for New Home Construction

Are you just looking for Egress Window parts?
Window Wells, Ladders and Covers

Or, installation service as well?

Either way, Gordon Energy & Drainage has got you covered.

Our egress team have a straight-forward process making the selection and installation of a Basement Egress Window Well simple and effortless for home builders.

Additional well and cover options are available upon request.

Egress Window Parts

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Egress Package Installation Overview

Egress window package installations are often coordinated the same time we are scheduled to do waterproofing spary and draintile installations – however, we are able to coordinate it at a later time as well.

      1. Excavate Dirt For Well
      2. Cut Foundation Wall
      3. Install – Window & Trim
      4. Install – Egress Well
      5. Install – Ladder
      6. Install – Cover
      7. Install – Window Drain
      8. Install – Sump Pit/Pump
      9. Backfill & Tamp
      10. Haul Away Excess Dirt

Standard Window

American Craftsman Egress Window

American Craftsman by Anderson Windows

White, Vinyl & Sliding
Low E3 Agron Gas
48” wide x 47” tall
Meets Egress Codes

Egress Well Stock Options

Standard Metal Egress Well

Standard Metal Wall
67″ wide x 36″ projection

ROCKWELL Egress Well

ROCKWELL Egress Well
66″ wide x 39″ projection

Well Cover Stock Options

Metal Grate Egress Cover

Standard Metal Grate

Thermal Hinge Egress Cover

Standard Thermal Hinge

ROCKWELL Grate Egress Cover

ROCKWELL Metal Grate

ROCKWELL Thermal Egress Cover

ROCKWELL Polycarbonate Cover