Below Grade Waterproofing

Below Grade Waterproofing

TUFF N DRI Installation

Gordon Energy & Drainage is the most trusted and well known basement and foundation waterproofing company serving the Greater Kansas City area. We have more than 4 decades of experience working with area contractors to get the job done quickly & to area building codes.

We offer a variety of standard Kansas City basement and foundation waterproofing services and are able to custom order most engineered spec products.






Drain Tile


Dampproofing is the process of spraying an asphalt material on the foundation wall that will resist moisture penetration. Dampproofing is generally the minimum required product by most cities and is the most cost effective method to meet this code requirement.

note: Dampproofing does not span cracks and should not be considered a basement waterproofing product in Kansas City or other areas.

Dampproofing Job SiteMulseal by Tremco

We use a dampproofing product called Mulseal, an asphault emulsion, by Tremco Barrier Solutions. This asphault emulsion goes on a little thicker than the typical oil based (road oil) solution many of our area competitors offer and is more environmentally friendly.

            • Meets Minimum Code Requirements
            • Sprayed On – No Seam or Joints
            • Moisture Barrier Only – Does Not Span Cracks
            • No Drainage Characteristics
            • No Insulation Value

Because of the limitations of dampproofing we do not offer a warranty for this product.

Basement and Foundation Waterproofing

Waterproofing is the process of sealing the foundation wall (typically spraying) to prevent moisture from penetrating the foundation structure.

Gordon Energy & Drainage offers a range of basement and foundation waterproofing options in the Kansas City area. Two of the most common are IMPAX and TUFF-N-DRI.

IMPAX by Tremco DiagramIMPAX by Tremco

Our most popular product for waterproofing is IMPAX by Tremco Barrier Solutions. IMPAX seals out water penetration with a flexible, seamless membrane with up to 3 times more hydrostatic head pressure resistance than standard waterproofing products.

            • Exceeds Minimum Building Code Requirements
            • Sprayed On – No Seam or Joints
            • Spans Cracks – 1200% Elongation
            • 3 ft of Hydrostatic Head Resistance

IMPAX is backed by a 10 Year Warranty

TUFF N DRI by Tremco DiagramTUFF-N-DRI

A higher-caliber waterproofing product available is TUFF-N-DRI by by Tremco Barrier Solutions. Similar to IMPAX, TUFF-N-DRI seals out water penetration with a flexible, seamless membrane. TUFF-N-DRI, however, has up to 8 times more hydrostatic head pressure resistance than standard waterproofing products and has a superior hang strength enabling it to maintain a consistent thickness for maximum performance.

                              • Exceeds Minimum Code Requirements
                              • Sprayed On – No Seam or Joints
                              • Spans Cracks – 2000% Elongation
                              • 8 ft of Hydrostatic Head Resistance
                              • Can Be Sprayed As Soon As Forms Are Removed

TUFF-N-DRI is backed by a 15 Year Warranty

WARM N DRI Installation


WARM-N-DRI is a complementary product to TUFF-N-DRI that protects the TUFF-N-DRI membrane, assist with drainage and insulates the foundation to reduce interior condensation.

            • Exceeds Minimum Building Code Requirements
            • Add Additional Drain Capability
            • Protects Membrane From Backfill
            • R3 Insulation

Paired with TUFF-N-DRI, WARM-N-DRI is backed by a 30 Year Warranty

Custom Order Waterproofing

If your architect or engineer has specified a specific type of basement or foundation waterproofing in Kansas City – don’t fret! We have worked with a variety of building specs and have the ability to special order your desired product.

Commercial Water Proofing Manufacturers (includes, but not limited to)

WR Grace Carlisle
Polyguard Products Tremco
Cetco Owens Corning

Commercial Water Proofing Products (includes, but not limited to)

Bituthene Polyguard Hydroduct
Aquadrain CCW MiraDRAIN CCW MiraDRI
CCW MiraCLAY Volclay Hydrobar Volclay Voltex
Insul-Drain Foamular Paraseal Flow 15-P & Flow 18-H
Tremproof 201/60 Vulkem 250GC Bentonite

Drain Tile

Draintile InstallationDrain Tile Systems are installed at the base of a home or building’s foundation and are designed to collect water and divert it away from the structure. Typically for homes, this entails connecting the drain tile system to the home’s sump pump to be directed away.

Gordon Energy & Drainage offers a variety of standard choices that are popular in the KC area. We are also able to order per a architect’s specifications.

*Note: Gravel is to be purchased by the builder, however we provide the labor to spread it.


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