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Gordon’s home products and home services prevent, treat
and repair water draining, basement waterproofing and
foundation drainage problems in Kansas City that otherwise degrade the integrity of a property.

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Gordon Energy & Drainage began as a one man, one truck operation by Larry Gordon in 1972.  While Mr. Gordon only installed drain tile for Kansas City home builders at the very beginning, he quickly recognized the need for additional home builder services in the Kansas City area.

Over the years, Larry grew his company and added on new product lines. By 1988, Gordon Energy & Drainage employed over 30 people and ran 25 trucks. Most of the product lines that Gordon Energy & Drainage offered to home builders in Kansas City were foundation drainage, energy efficiency, waterproofing or drainage products.

Upon Larry’s retirement in 1993, two of his sales team member, Todd Mitchell & Cash Carpenter, acquired the company with the commitment to Kansas City area home builders and home owners to provide the same quality service.

Since then, Todd, Cash and the Gordon Team has continued to be a leader in new home and residential basement waterproofing, foundation drainage solutions, and sump pump installations across the Kansas City area. Today, Gordon Energy & Drainage is as strong as ever and continues to expand service line offerings to now include Homeowner and Contractor Services.

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